Posted: January 2, 2011 in Process

So, what is your Key Goal for the year?

Every year I make a list of goals and every year it gets harder to achieve every thing I set out to do. This year I am going to do something different in my planning.

My overall goal is to publish my novel. There are many paths leading to this goal, so many in fact, that I often feel overwhelmed.
With so many options available, I have decided to focus on the one that I feel will bring me the success I am looking to achieve.

Goal: Sign with an Agent who enjoys mentoring new authors.
This goal is about maximizing my potential.

I don’t know a lot about contracts, inside business workings, and all my rights as an author since there are so many. I do not have any contacts in the publishing world and have not been successful sending material out to publishers on my own. I need help. You will notice that my goal also identifies someone who shares an interest in my success, someone who sees me as a long-term investment.

This is what I call my Key goal. Have you ever told yourself, “If I can only get [blank] then [blank] will happen.”

Imagine the inside of a keyhole on a locked door. As the key enters all the pins click into place and the door unlocks. We just need to find the key, whether it is a person, place, or thing, it exists.

Where is the locked door on your path? What kind of key do you need to open that door?

For example: You may need 50,000 to start a business business. You instinctively know you cannot do anything without that money. Do you work three jobs for one year until you save the money? Get a loan? Sell some junk? You know you need the money to move forward and by naming your Key goal you will stay better focused. You’ll begin to create motion by putting out there what you need.

Sometimes we find keys that open more than one door.
Be your own locksmith.

Fiercely Yours,


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