Posted: January 11, 2011 in Process

I had a great critique session on Saturday, but must admit that my nerves were edgy and my stomach knotted. Sharing your work with strangers and giving them permission to say what they will is a little scary, but most rewarding if you plan to be successful.

I say this because during the critique I could feel my life changing. My ears were wide open and my mind clearer than ever I have experienced. My heart pounded with excitement because not only did I feel validated in the areas of my work where I worked my hardest, but also I could see people’s reaction to something completely important in my life.

It gave me a new sense of confidence that I was lacking before, which was creating problems for me as I attempt to write my query letters.

My self-doubt was kicking my ass and though I love my friends, I could not allow myself to hear anything positive from them. I felt they were bias and just wanted to hear the bad because I had beaten myself up so terribly that why would there be anything else to say but the negative.

The group had positive things to say and pin pointed areas in my work that I knew were possible problems. I have a long list of perfectionist ideas, but their feedback gave two or three suggestions that will now allow me a starting point so I can stop feeling so overwhelmed.

In addition, surrounding yourself with people who are passionate about what they do in life is priceless. We need people around us who want to see us succeed and it helps if they have the same passion because you can easily be fueled when needed.

I don’t think we are designed to be passionate about something that’s not meant to be shared with others. You might think something you scribbled on a napkin in a bar means nothing, but it could be life changing for someone else.


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