Posted: January 18, 2011 in Poetry

I hate to admit
when I crave for you.

My heart suffers.

I am frail.

I gouge your name
into the sand near my feet,
ungrounded, scrutinizing
the ocean between us
as it washes you away
again and again.

The sky darkens, ready to rage.
It beckons me to ascend
from my place of throes.

Instead, I settle,
keeping my thoughts
fixated on the you
before the us.

Together we are the intensity
forcing waves to turn ferocious.

But, alone, you are a lucent
orange sunset that declares
the mourning of every storm.

© Sarah O’Connor

NOTE: Since being posted this poem has been highlighted with poet’s commentary at:

  1. Gillian Colbert says:

    Lovely play on words. This was a poignant poem.

  2. emosensei says:

    Loved it. You have a way of selecting a concise smattering of words which all ring with image, emotion and sound.

  3. bneal817 says:

    Beautiful poem, Sarah – it evokes in me the powerful and turbulent emotions of love, longing, and parting; the paradox of lovers being simultaneously closer than close, and yet so distant, so far away… Well done.

    Peace! ~ Ben

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