Posted: January 23, 2011 in Motivation

“Memory plus language plus imagination makes spirits dance in your head.”
–Tim O’Brien

Sometimes it is easy for me to get trapped in a memory rather than staying focused on the now. There are days when this plays out to be quite productive and sparks a bit of storytelling that rejuvenates my spirit.

However, on those days when I cannot seem to escape my own world it can be quite challenging to dance. In fact, I am learning that some places where my mind would like me to go just create havoc.

How many times do you allow that voice of self-doubt to get louder than it should? All of our insecurities can surface by the mere thought of something associated to our past.

I remember when I stopped wearing Argyle socks to school because kids made fun of them and then later Argyle became a trend. We want to be the same, but we want to be different. We walk that fine line between the past and the present like there’s not a net below to catch us if we fall to one side.

What would happen if we just fell and didn’t care which side we fell from?

Will the landing be a painful crash of self-destruction or the pad of starting over?

What if you we can’t fall because there’s not a line between the past and now?

Maybe a day of dwelling in the past is what we should be doing right now.

Don’t beat yourself up for feeling like you wasted the day digging for fossils to only find grief. Use it to tell a story, write a poem, or draw a picture. Piece together the life you want, evolve your self-doubts, and stop caring about perfect balance.


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