Posted: January 31, 2011 in Motivation, Process

At the end of every month it’s important to self-reflect on what you have accomplished, evaluate any goals that need reworking, and create new monthly goals if you haven’t already. We started out together trying to find that spark and keep it lit by creating some motion in our lives. Now, it’s time for a check-in.

This month was more of a challenge than I expected due to snowstorms, school closings, and schedule conflicts. However, I am pleased with the outcome and look forward to pushing right along into next month.

One goal of mine for the month was to clear out my basement, which you may remember from my post titled “Space” on January 5th.  Normally, I consider myself a minimalist, but with the arrival of a new baby and the holidays, the basement became the “I don’t know what to do with this” landfill.

I have updated my original post with a before photo, though it is most embarrassing, and added the after here. There is still some work to be done, but in comparison, I feel this goal can be checked off my list.


AFTER: See "SPACE" for the BEFORE photo

My Desk

Another large project of mine for the month was organizing/creating a filing structure for my writing. I have been so focused on my novel that I didn’t realize how many drafts, notes, poetry, stories and other scraps of work were piling up. Everything now has a file folder/box of its own and a designated flash drive for backup. Organizing this area of my life has been most cleansing and given me a better focus.

Once all the clutter in your life is cleared and organized, you won’t feel as overwhelmed. Your ideas won’t have to stay buried in your mind or on the bottom of some pile waiting to be rescued.  In addition, you take away your biggest excuse for not moving forward.

So, looking back, what did you accomplish? What are you prepared to do in February and is your spark still strong enough to reach that year-end goal?

If you don’t feel good about the month of January then now is your chance to re-ignite. Do something today that will kick start you into tomorrow.

Be fierce…

  1. Jennifer Long/Janus Photo Arts says:

    I kept my wits about me in January…barely. 🙂 But I did manage to complete a photo project for a new client and prepare for a new exhibit. That’s always more work than I think it could possibly be.

    February looks to be a lot busier, and I need to make it my “be better with the social media stuff” month. I am so far behind!

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