Posted: February 9, 2011 in Motivation

Sometimes my heart feels heavy.

This week it’s all I have felt and though I sit down to write the many words trapped in my mind—not one has managed to escape.

This is not writer’s block.

My Creative Genius is telling me to be attentive by constipating my thoughts. It feels unfair, but all seems very familiar.

Something life changing is about to occur and though I feel ready, waiting my whole life for this moment—those around me might not be as ready.

When others don’t understand or are not prepared to move along with you, they become like anchors on our hearts. They don’t have bad intentions, but they don’t want you to change because they don’t want to change.

So then what do we do in times like these? In a time where you know you have to take a chance, a risk, or leap of faith to become YOU—The YOU that only you knows.

You trust yourself and the anchors will turn to propellers.

  1. there’s a rainbow somewhere out there – even when sitting alone on a heap of junk…

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