Posted: March 6, 2011 in Motivation, Process

February is gone and as you have noticed, I did not take much time to maintain my blog.

My goal is not to be a daily blogger, but rather to share things when the timing is appropriate. The focus of the year is to create the movement I need to accomplish my writing goals. If you remember, I’m finding my inner spark and figuring out how to set the world on fire.

Here are a few accomplishments:

1. I attended my monthly writer’s group where we discussed the topic of Agents. It was a very insightful meeting and I gained some valuable resources regarding my own Agent search.

2. My novel received a full critique, which proved most beneficial regarding areas of improvement and inspiration for new content. Taking a break from your work while others are reading it is a necessity because you’ll come back to your story with far more clarity.

3. A new writers group started in February and I attended the first session. This group is completely different from my other one and I made some good connections. I felt grounded and more in tune with my poet side.

4. I read four books related to fiction writing and analyzed voice usage in comparison to my own.

5. Completed five new queries and sent them to five different agents.

6. Wrote a children’s story.

IN ADDITION, here’s the kickoff to March since we are already into the first week:

1. Registered for the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference.

2. Submitted an entry to a contest where the prize is the registration fee for a New York conference.

3. Signed up to attend a writing workshop for people who have completed a novel.

4. Attended the monthly writers group and received feedback on a chapter from my novel.

5. Currently working on a piece about redemption.

The point of listing our goals is not to flaunt ones efforts. The purpose is to display the work we have accomplished and show the momentum that builds from doing one thing to the next. It also serves as a tool to keep us distracted from our own cruelties and paves the way for others seeking a brighter path.


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