Posted: June 23, 2011 in Motivation

Here’s a little secret of mine: I love when people laugh at my goals. First, it makes me lose a level of respect for that person and second it fuels my fire.

I’m currently working on a short story to submit to Glimmer Train and The New Yorker. Yes, this may seem “ambitious” of me, but I love these publications and that is where I want to see my story printed. Will it happen? I won’t know until I try.

Trying is the difference between our failing and our success. If you never try or try once and give up then you will fail. If you try and you win then you succeed, but what of you keep trying and see no results, are you failing or succeeding?

I think that a person who keeps trying and never gives up succeeds in their own unique way. That person has a very specific dream they are aiming to achieve and no one may understand that vision. From the outside it may look as if they need to stop trying and perhaps, “throw in the towel.” They may even hear their own inner voice telling them to do the same thing, but they will not.

Why? Because they can’t stop.

This is what people who laugh at people like me do not understand.

So, what do I think about a laugher (you know who you are)?

You are coward. You stay safe in your own small world, content with being mediocre. You fear rejection and haven’t found your own gift to offer the world. You are a dream killer because you don’t know how to dream yourself.

When I am published, I will not be sending you a free copy because those are reserved for the people who believe in me.

  1. Someday….I know it. Send me some words.

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