Posted: June 24, 2011 in Motivation
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Sometimes when you write how you feel there’s the possibility you might ruffle a feather or two.
One of my peeps informed me today that I’m a hypocrite after my last post, COWARDS. The claim being that I laugh and make fun of people’s ideas all the time.

Yes, I must admit this to be true. However, I don’t feel like a hypocrite because the one thing I never do is laugh at one’s ambition, goals, or dreams.

Let’s use an example to bring clarity to the subject:

You are my friend and you tell me that you have an idea. You are going to patent and sell chicken diapers. Wait, what? Chicken Diapers?

Yes, you have conviction as you explain to me that you are sick and tired of your pet chicken taking a shit every seven minutes on your furniture.

Wait you have a pet chicken? Why didn’t I know this and why can’t I stop laughing? I’m picturing a chicken sitting on your couch wearing a Huggie that’s why. Can you blame me?

Yes, I might tease you or poke fun at something that triggers a head full of my own sick thoughts, but I also know that every idea is a million dollar idea. I also believe that only the people willing to take a chance on themselves will ever see that million.

If you tell me that the idea of yours makes you stay up all night drawing pictures of diapers, measuring your chickens rear, and dreaming of the day you drive that shiny new mini-coop, then I’m the first to support you. It’s your dream to make something of your life with any idea that came to you with purpose.

Yes, it sounds silly, but is the bigger picture? Are your ambitions, hard work, dedication, and frustrations in finding success silly? No.

When I tell you I’m going to put my kids through private school, own a home with a wrap-around porch, and have my own library by publishing a few novels—this is not the moment to laugh. I thought we were friends and you believed in me.

So whether you think chicken diapers are a joke or not—know this—someone has become quite successful doing this for real. You can laugh at the idea, but don’t laugh about their belief in themselves. There is a difference.

As for pet chickens, here’s a photo of one. You can learn more about these diapers in Entrepreneur magazine or Google Chicken Diapers.

  1. Jennifer Long/Janus Photo Arts says:

    I’m going to dream of chicken diapers tonight! What a great example, and it made me chuckle (or should I say “cluckle”?).

    And we have the same dream — kids through a great private school, library in our home with a wrap-around porch. Aah….something for me to dream about tonight.

    And I agree with you about the difference between laughing at someone’s idea and someone’s dream. We can snicker at things because we can’t relate to the idea, it’s a foreign concept to us, it doesn’t fit in our frame of reference, we have misunderstandings, etc. But although I might chuckle, I will stand behind my friends and help them however I can to make their dreams come to fruition. Dreams are not something to poke fun at. That’s like taking a stab at a person himself/herself. Because that dream is a huge part of who they are, the choices they have made and the direction they are going. So laughing at them for having a dream is basically laughing at them, in my opinion.

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