Posted: July 1, 2011 in Just Life
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Here’s a visual of me in high school: 5’10” and 116 pounds, plaid pants, argyle socks, cons, suspenders, and a t-shirt most likely with a picture of Alf on the front. I liked fluorescent orange, fishing hats, and big earrings. My favorites, the wooden zebra’s, and one of them I still have in my memory trunk.

I was poor and shopped at thrift stores. I bought what I could afford and what I thought looked cool enough not to be picked on every day. I was considered unique and over the years, I have slowly become simplistic and boring. My closet now consists of mostly black v-neck t-shirts, jeans, and a couple outfits for work. I still wear cons, though I ditched the large earrings.

One of my bigger struggles right now is that I am seeking a new style. I’m more of a Tomboy and prefer men clothes to women. When I shop in the women’s section, I am easily overwhelmed.
I don’t like lace, pleats, puckers, beads, embroidery, sequence, sparkles, butterflies, flowers, hearts or doves. Doves? Really ladies. Are we still ten?

I also don’t like my sleeves trying to escape into my armpits, Capri’s with bucket size cuffs, and V-neck cuts that drop to my belly button.

Yesterday, I found myself standing in front of a wall of jeans with a diagram on how to pick a pair of skinny jeans. There is Fit one through five, low rise, hipster, and… why the hell am I looking at skinny jeans! This is the new fad, I get it, but come on we live in a super size nation.

Now let’s discuss pockets. Why are women not allowed the appropriate pocket space and why are most pockets sewn shut? Is it assumed that every woman carries a purse and doesn’t need pockets? I own a pair of pants that have the pockets so close to the waistband, angled at the zipper and half the size of my hand. When I wear them to work I thank God I own a tiny phone, small wallet and use compact tampons. I hope the man bag trend doesn’t end up changing the man pocket.

So what did I purchase by the end of my three hour tour? A black Superman t-shirt.

Hey, if they had Wonder Woman in the men’s section she would have been my first choice. I have to work with what society says is appropriate for the genders.

Stay tuned for more transformation stories…


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