Posted: July 4, 2011 in Just Life

Vacation has officially started and I can’t sleep despite being exhausted. The odd thing is I’m not tired because of running around doing errands, packing, kids, or working a shift before driving our two hours.

No, I’m tired of myself.

I wouldn’t let anyone put our bags in the room until I did “the inspection.” This is when I strip the bed, examine the sheets, pillows and mattress for bed bugs. Pull the bed away from the wall, check all the drawers, couch cushions, and corners until I am satisfied there is not a pest problem.

Then I check the bathroom and wipe it down with my own cleaning supplies, unpack all bags, rearrange the furniture, and wipe off the TV remote (they are gross).

After dinner, I went for a long walk alone to try to clear my head. I don’t want to have a miserable vacation and I want to simply enjoy myself for once. There’s some pep in my step as I walk around the main strip, window shopping, and people watching.

In my peripheral, I see a liquor store. Hmmm should I stop in, get some wine, and do some more relaxing after the kids fall asleep? Sure, it’s vacation right? I make my purchase and head back to the hotel room. The air is thick, but the houses are amazing and I feel like a poet walking along in deep thought.

Until I get back to the hotel and the kids can’t fall asleep in their new space. I take one for a two-mile walk, skip the evening drink and we all go to bed.

I can’t seem to get comfy like the rest of the family all snuggled under the covers with an air conditioned room set at freezing. I hate being in the AC arctic.

I’m staring at the ceiling. Is that a humungous bug, no, just a shadow. However, that shadow has left me with the feeling of creepy and I begin to itch. First, my legs and finally the scalp, so I get up and relocate to the TV room.

A commercial for a horror flick now has my mind on serial killers so I recheck the two doors and barricade the adjoining room. The in-laws are next door, but we didn’t get the adjoining set and now I’m trying to visualize the strangers attached instead. I should be more careful what I complain about.

Well, all I can do at this point is hope I fall asleep sitting up in the chair and dream of the Kardashian posse. I love their show.


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