VACATION: DAY 6 (a day late)

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Just Life, Motivation

Well my friends, it is the last full day of vacation and I’m alone in my hotel room happy to be writing because I don’t know when I’ll have the time to write you again.

For writers like me, vacation is a peculiar thing. I always pack one bag that no one is allowed to touch and that is my writing bag. Inside are red and blacks pens, blank graph paper spirals, my laptop, printed submission guidelines and small moleskins for all the inspiring moments I intend to capture.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m truly a writer if I can’t even motivate myself to unzip my bag and utilize the tools I have so nicely packed for myself. Granted I am keeping my blog updated, but it’s not exactly the vision I had in mind.

I imagine sitting on the beach, in the lifeguard’s chair during sunrise or even sunset, writing as quickly as I can the words flowing from my Creative Genius. I imagine walking along the promenade and ease dropping on intriguing dialogue or people who might have some unique character traits and sketching them out on paper. I even imagine myself walking along the neighborhood of Victorian homes and feeling the creative energy of all past writers who once took the same stroll.

Nothing. I am feeling nothing in this space. Is it because I’m exhausted, sun burnt, bruised, bloated, or missing a little less hair than when I arrived? Maybe that’s all an excuse.
Perhaps, vacation is not about doing something you can’t seem to do at home, but an opportunity to piss yourself off enough to get it done when you get back.

I haven’t exactly written a masterpiece of brilliance this week, but I have been reflecting about my writing life more than I can ever remember.

There’s something deep within that needs to rise to this challenge of becoming a… published author? Somehow, this title does not give justice to the light I am holding. The journey that I can’t seem to escape is calling for me to continue forward.

In the end, do I like or even enjoy vacation? Not in the same sense as others, but it’s growing on me finally. It’s time to embrace my new clarity, keep myself motivated, and live my life the way I imagine it to be. If I don’t try then I can’t cry about it later.

Vacation is over, stop thinking, start doing, and be amazing.


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