Posted: July 13, 2011 in Motivation

This morning I went for a walk around my dream neighborhood. I currently live in the ghetto and though it makes for good stories and character development, it’s not a safe place to walk in a dreamy state of mind. You must remain alert and ready to spring into ninja action at any moment; forget about your peaceful thoughts.

As I walked along, house after house, exchanging hello’s with the other stay at home mommies, I thought, wow I could be casing their homes and they would never suspect me because I’m pushing a baby buggy.

Anyway, after about thirty minutes, I found my pace, the baby was asleep and I my mind became relaxed. I started dreaming about my perfect house, what color I would paint it, how my driveway would look, the car I would buy to match, and most importantly, what my creative space would look like. Oh, this might be where you thought I would mention the kid’s playroom and swing set, but no, I’m selfish like that lately.

While debating whether to have an antique or contemporary desk arrangement, a voice from my past interjected, quite rudely.

I once had a co-worker who took it upon herself to diagnose me with a grandiose disorder. Sure, maybe at the time it could have been a possibility since all I ever said was, “I’m going to be famous.”

I was young, under educated, heart broken (a story for later) and I had no sense of focus or clarity, but I had passion just as I do now. What I have now that I did not back then is a why.

True, I have always wanted to be a writer amongst other things, but I was aiming for the moon without NASA’s help. Therefore, looking back, yes, I sounded like a narcissistic A-Hole, but I still want to be that writer. The difference is that now I have a family to help provide for, a path with less time to waste, and I’ve learned that anything else which is not helping me to achieve my goals is a distraction.

I am more focused, working on my discipline and even more optimistic than ever in my life.

Now, if only I had a sign, something to help quiet the voice of a dream killer and reassure me that I am on the right path.

THAT’S WHEN I SEE IT, MY SIGN! On the back window of a parked SUV in MY dream hood:

“Need more hair, a little or a lot, we can help.”

Now, if you haven’t been following my blog, you’re lost, but for the rest—You know it’s a sign!
If you’re going to dream, grandiose is the way to go.


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