Posted: August 1, 2011 in Motivation

This is the month when I start to feel panicked because summer is nearing the end, fall means getting back to strict routines, days start getting shorter, and then bam—holidays, the burning of money and hopeful resolutions. Yes, I’m being a scrooge in August.

I’m behind on every aspect of my life and trying to catch up, but not sure, where the finish line is anymore. If I think too far ahead, I’m overwhelmed and if I dwell on the past, I’m depressed. Sitting in the now feels hopeless and less than energetic.

Somewhere between January and now I accomplished a lot on paper, but don’t feel that spark as strongly as I expected I might. Boom Boom Boom Perry? Why is my chest not bursting with fireworks? Maybe that’s what I get for being sucked into a pop star dream.

Perhaps, I’m just whining and falling victim to my own self doubt and pity. Someone tell me something because I know I’m not alone.

What do you do when your spark is suddenly surrounded by water?


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