Posted: August 2, 2011 in Motivation
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When you’re stuck and you start wiggling a lot only to find your worse off than before, stop wiggling. Take a breath and look around for a vine, shoestring, or snake to grab (these represent your buddies).

If you’re to chicken to ask for help or you don’t have such buds then you’ll have to rely on your secret super powers. Granted if you are in quicksand you might not be able to strip down to your tights, fan out your cape, or take a deep enough breath to freeze anything, but you still have laser eyes so burn something. Maybe the tree won’t fall where you expected, but someone out there might still read smoke signals.

The point, don’t give up. Read other people’s blogs, submit your work to odd contests just for fun, or stand in the kitchen eating Peanut Chews until you’re sick (this is how I brainstorm).

Just lighten up already.

  1. Here, here!
    Interesting post. It made me laugh.

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