Posted: August 5, 2011 in Just Life

I wasn’t planning on blogging tonight, but after eating four fudge bars and half a pint of chocolate mint ice cream, I’m a little more than awake.

All through my life, I’ve had an assortment of little collections. The one I was most fond of at age sixteen was my orange crayon one. I don’t know what made me start saving orange crayons, but by now you have learned that I’m a little goofy and this only seems perfectly natural for me to do.

I’m not even a hundred percent sure how I accumulated so many orange crayons either and when I say accumulated, I mean over three hundred. My mother worked at a thrift store and I do remember pulling the orange ones from any box of crayons in the art section.

When I went out with the theater group to Denny’s I rummaged through the basket of crayons and at my sisters elementary school I pocketed a few here and there. Okay, after writing that out, it seems like I’m a big crook, but at the time I just took them like one does a mint after dining out (sort of).

I kept the crayons in a glass jar in my locker at school where I expected them to remain safe. One day after class, a girl who liked teasing me approached and started pushing stuff around in my locker. When she found the jar, she started laughing and calling me a weirdo. Was it really that weird? So maybe once in awhile when I opened the jar to put another crayon inside I took a deep breath. It’s hard to describe the smell of dirty crayons.

Anyway, she dropped the jar and it shattered. I wasn’t mad or even upset I just went numb. They were gone. I could of picked them up, but something changed. I closed my locker and sat on the other side of the hall, watching as kids trampled through them, listening to the crunching of glass and wax sticks snapping. After a while, the janitor came along and started sweeping up the trail of brokenness.

As he swept the mess into a good solid pile, he looks over at me and says, “Why do you think they’re all orange?”

I just shrugged my shoulders, stood and walked down the hall smiling super big. Looking back I think I was just happy that he was intrigued enough to ask.


  1. Dwayne says:

    Great post.

    Thought-provoking read.

    That girl who teases you was awful. Hopefully somebody will spill orange paint on her wherever she is.


  2. Dwayne says:

    I meant to write “teased,” past tense. LOL!


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