Posted: August 11, 2011 in Darks
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If Wonder Woman had a BFF there’s no way she would have chosen such an impractical outfit for fighting crime. Girlfriend, those shorts give you a camel toe, what else do you got in that tiny closet.

Don’t get me wrong, when I was a kid I wore my WW underwear all over the neighborhood with my tin foil bracelets, but I was five and unsupervised, not a grown woman (though that does give me an idea).

Like most of us creative people superhero’s have a dueling personality and it’s finally time that we embrace this and become our best secret identity. Who cares about the Bruce Wayne image, Batman has a cape and nifty gadgets for God’s sake, though I’m pretty sure Robin tried to talk him out of wearing tights, Batman seems the more dominating one.

We spend all day making fake first impressions never truly revealing our true selves or perhaps we simply embrace the side of us most acceptable and suitable for the needs society convinces us we should have. Excuse me, I shall not rant.

I’m tired of pretending like my day life is what I am destined to be then retreating to my dungeon to sew another cat costume. Yes, I like Cat Woman and I don’t care if she’s not super and mean to the Bat, she’s hot.

My point is this, what do you want to do when you’re not expecting the world to be staring at you? If you could wear a mask, grope your silky cape, or tie knots in your golden lasso, would you be having more fun?

If you answered yes, what’s stopping you from creating your own Invisible Jet or Gotham City?

More importantly, who wants to be a sidekick?

  1. Your question stumped me for a minute, then I realized I would sneak into the homes of a few people I know who have terrible attitudes and steal all their toilet paper.
    Fun post!
    Thanks for hitting my like button!

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