ME IS WINNER (Versatile Award)

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Motivation
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In high school, I ran for class president each year. I never won, but I had some serious fun plastering the school with my name and pestering the other candidates. At the end of my junior year, I ran for Student Body President and finally felt like I had a chance at coolness. Until one ridiculous mistake cost me the entire race.

Here’s the thing you need to know when running for an election, don’t make fun of your voters. More importantly don’t get caught doing it and even more importantly don’t put it in writing so it becomes evidence. Not only did I get caught, but because I couldn’t stop laughing I ended up suspended just long enough to miss my big presidential speech. Can you smell a conspiracy?

However, not all was lost for I walked away with the senior award for Most Political and though I did not grow up to run for Mayor, I’m still making fun of life and winning awards.

The other night I was surfing the blogosphere and stumbled across The Dissemination of Thought (TDoT), which made me laugh and the profile pic it totally hot. It turns out that this random connection has won me some blogging love.

Thank you TDoT for honoring me with your wit and the fancy smancy award listed below. Without you, bananas would take over the world.

Apparently, there are a couple of responsibilities that come along with such an honor and one is to write seven things about yourself and share them.

  1. I’m such a geek that I think it’s cool to be Class President.
  2. I’m a conspiracy theorist.
  3. I don’t understand why not all monkeys have evolved.
  4. I sometimes crave onions.
  5. My ring toe is smaller than normal.
  6. I’m a recovering nail biter.
  7. Yes, I graduated high school.

The second thing is to nominate bloggers you feel deserve the same award, so check some of them out when you have the chance. You might learn something interesting or perhaps just stumble upon a good laugh.

  1. Janus Photo Arts
  2. After I Quit My Day Job
  3. Fibromy-Awesome
  4. I’ve Never Robbed A Bank!
  5. International House of Geek
  6. Ashley Jillian
  7. The Point At Fitchburg State
  8. Cristen’s Corner: A Story In Weird
  9. The Death of A Dream
  10. Eldon: We Specialize In Awkward
  11. Metronaturale
  12. Amanda’s Random Thoughts
  13. Living In The Asian Lane
  14. Nate Kowal’s Blog
  15. Deliciously Alive…Emerge With Wings

If you are on the above list and would like to know more about your award or you’re just a curious little monkey, please visit The Dissemination of Thought today. Let your thumbs hitch a ride.

  1. shoutabyss says:

    You know what? The story about running for class president really moved me. Sincerely. I nominate you for The Versatile Blog …. er, wait. Too late. 🙂

    I ran for mayor in my town and got 30% of the vote my first time out. Should I try again? 🙂

  2. grendelguy says:

    Thanks for the nomination! I appreciate it!

  3. Do any of your conspiracy theories involve probing and tin foil hats?

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