Posted: January 27, 2012 in Darks, Just Life
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I’m driving through the city while it’s raining and I see this group of kids on the corner who I would love to splash just for fun, but I don’t because that would be mean. Right?

My internal dialogue begins, when did splashing people with gutter puddles become a mean thing to do? It used to be one of my favorite things in life.

Immediately I think of a high school friend who used to drive a VW Rabbit and her evil laugh, as we would make illegal maneuvers solely for drenching someone waiting at a light. IT WAS SO FUN! I would hang on to the “Oh Shit” bar while she gunned forward creating a tidal wave of city scum.

Of course the first time someone splashed me, I cursed and felt like crying, so now I think it’s mean. Damn that person who violated my dryness, you stole my innocence.

Needless to say, I drove slowly and carefully as to avoid spraying the Tween brats wearing their iPods.

Then SMACK, as if the Universe was rewarding me, a man crossing the street in front of my car does a face plant into a pothole full of water.  Now I sound cruel, but hear me out.

I put my hazards on, got out of the car, asked if he was okay, stepped on his umbrella and held his brief bag as he literally climbed my body for support. His front side was soaked, his hair dripped forward like Donald Trump and whether he was hurt or humiliated he managed to man it up as people gathered. Me is a man, grrr.

It’s not until I’m on the highway that I burst into tears of laughter because not only am I replaying his expression as he went down, but I keep hearing him say to me:

“Jesus Christ, I can’t tell if I pissed myself.”

Oh, how I love the rain.

  1. Brittany says:

    You are Not cruel! Sometimes, that stuff is just funny. I’m actually surprised it took you that long to laugh. If I hadn’t laughed to begin with, I would have immediately upon returning to my car. It doesn’t mean I want to help them any less, its just like a reflex sometimes!

    And his comments…oh man. Hilarity.

  2. Jennifer Long/Janus Photo Arts says:

    That is just priceless!!!

  3. There is always that awkward moment when someone falls where you know you need to be concerned about their well being, but you want to laugh. I admire your choices today.

  4. Ian Burgess Photography says:

    I don’t know what to think about the ethics of puddle mischief……but then it’s January and I’m in Canada…splashing through spring or summer rain…now THAT’s something I could get behind.

    Yep….I’m a puddle lover too.

  5. miq says:

    When I see someone fall down and I have to help them up I inevitably end up giggling while helping them. But on the other hand, when I fall down and nobody laughs I feel about ten times more awkward than when I hear a few chuckles.

  6. SJ says:

    I think I would laugh at my own misfortune as well, after a few seconds of brutal humiliation… it is pretty funny.

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