Posted: March 4, 2012 in Just Life
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So, what are you wearing?

Some of us may interpret this question as an attempt to create an arousal of the loins and give an answer we hope sounds sexy.

Unfortunately, not all of us are blogging in our frilly lace and birthday suits.

In fact, I’ve decided to answer my own question using visual aids and if you find yourself a little hot under the collar, I completely understand.

These are my house socks. The no slip grip keeps me safe in the kitchen and my feet stay warm in all the right places.

The following I call Tomboy Lace. I’m not quite comfortable sleeping completely naked, but I still believe in easy access.

Now it’s your turn, what are you wearing?

  1. You forgot my favorite! The 5 year old jeans that have holes in the knees, the corners of pockets, and by the belt loops!!

  2. johnedoe says:

    okay,…here’s what i kinda dig,…..your post made me smile,…..and that doesn’t happen to often…..which makes it even cooler…..i guess the “what are you wearing” thing may come from a television commercial???? i have no idea, as i’m not a huge television fan……i hate commercials even more!!!!!!!!………i will never cease being fascinated by the way products are sold to the masses,…….as from what i have seen,……the masses must be a bit on the “dumb and or gullible” side???,…………….jus sayin,……………..don’t ask me what i think of telemarketers………….i like your response………..have a good one!!!!

  3. Cedelle says:

    Ahaha! This has definitely sparked a grin to my face!

    And to answer your question: black T, pink boxers, and a bright yellow smiley face pants. ;P enjoy the mental images.


  4. Tomboy Lace is ingenious! That’s a fashion I could get used to. 😀

  5. Jenn Long says:

    You crack me up!!!

  6. I’m wearing a smile. And clothes.

  7. trisexual says:

    Earlier I blogged wearing full lycra cycling kit before I went out the door. Right now,…. Sock,… Strippy socks 🙂 xxx

  8. jertzylan says:

    The visual aids totally sell the sexy, especially the socks!

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