Posted: March 31, 2012 in Just Life
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In my younger years, I lived for April first and probably took the fool holiday a little too far on occasion, but I’ve decided to share my top ten favorites in honor of good times.

Disclosure: You should not attempt to do any of the following due to the fact that stupidity often leads to a lack of friends.

  1. Take all items out of the kitchen cabinet and hide them in the car (only works while living with someone)
  2. Toilet paper a friends home and act angry about it on their behalf
  3. Tell strangers on the street or in church that they dropped their pocket
  4. Break-up with a lover (some jokes aren’t funny to others)
  5. Grease all door knobs, handles, and toilet seats
  6. Krazy glue army men to the bosses desk
  7. Wear an outfit backwards and deny that it is when someone points it out
  8. Remove all the ink fillers out of a co-workers pens
  9. Serve a bowl of dried cat food as cereal
  10. Accuse someone of stealing pickles

Feel free to share some of your own!


  1. I know of someone who, “shrink wrapped” (plastic wrap, only slightly larger) a co-worker in their car while they were napping at lunchtime…And it wasn’t even April-Fools Day..Some people just have a knack…

  2. So annoying! I want to give you the Very inspirational blogger awarad but you have it. You beat me to every freaking award!!!! Well just know I gave it to you anyway. :O) This is my favorite favorite favorite blog.

    • You always make me smile and I have decided to start a whole new page after being inspired! Page is a work in progress, but make sure to get your Love Stamp if you want it.

  3. sirtilc42 says:

    absolutely fantastic.

  4. Tiffini says:

    So glad you have fun with that day!! My girls and I plan weeks in advance about all the stuff we’re going to do to each other. The best one this year was getting all settled in for school (I homeschool them) and then, right as we were about to start work, telling them it was an April Fool’s — no school day! Of course, I did also rubber band the faucet so that, when they turned it on, they got sprayed… 🙂

  5. sued51 says:

    I love the crazy gluing army men to the bosses desk. LOL!

  6. these are some wild and crazy actions…I wish I was that menacing when I was younger. lol.

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