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Dear Everyone,

Do you ever feel like you’ve pursued a dream for so long that you don’t even remember what it is you truly chase?

I feel like a child running in place because someone is holding me by the shirt collar. Maybe this is symbolic of me holding myself back, but then how do I let myself go? Either way my fingers have gone numb from holding on or I’m exhausted from trying to get away.

How do you set yourself free from what has always been so you can become what you were always meant to be?

I ask you these questions with sincerity and I want to hear from you. Tell me a story or slap me with some humor, because your words have power. You can use the comments or if the questions inspire you to write a post of your own, just hit me back with a link and I’ll visit your page.

However, if I don’t lighten up by the end of the week–don’t stop following– just kick me in the crotch and let me know how much you miss me.

Fiercely Yours

  1. You always crack me up. You also inspire me to write more by your frequent postings.

  2. The only way to set yourself free in order to reach your full potential is to live true to who you are. The process is not easy, at least not for me. Introspection and soul searching requires true and brutal honesty as what you find is not always nice or what’d you expect. The hardest part though is actually acting on all that and taking steps to reach a life that is meaningful, while living true to yourself. Sometimes this path is terrifying but truly it’s impossible for me to go back to ignorant bliss.

    • The path is terrifying, but I love your words because I’m ready to a new adventure with myself no matter how challenging that road is to travel. Thank you for the encouraging and inspiring comment.

  3. troy7377 says:

    In the words of a man (or whatever) who lived a long time ago, yet somehow in the future, Yoda, -“Do or do not do, there is no try.” But to me, how can you do or not do something without an attempt being made? Ugh, puppets and CGI creations think too deeply for me.

    • “Ugh, puppets” is right! I laughed from your comment and repeated the wise words of Yoda all day, all night, and this morning– wait thanks for getting that craziness stuck in my head. Mostly though, thanks for leaving your words of humor.

  4. Do you have kids? There’s your motivation. They watch every single thing you do, every success and every time you give up because it’s getting too hard. And they remember and learn from that. I didn’t want my kids thinking it wasn’t worth the work to take the shot. I wanted them to know that it was worth it to keep trying after every rejection I got. Best way I could teach them this was to dust myself off and submit somewhere else. It helped me, as well. Figured out that all the family and ‘friends/peers’ who spent a good deal of my childhood telling me I was never going to be good enough/someone else would get the shot that they were so very wrong.

    You ARE good enough. You just have to find the right home for your work.

    • As surprising as it is to people, yes I have kids and they are my “why” because my life is no longer my own. To me they deserve a world full of everything they imagine. I think you are absolutely right about not giving up and that we are good enough. I can’t express how much I appreciate your story and your time in helping move me one more step. Thank you and keep writing.

  5. You do it one step at a time. It took me almost 40 years to figure out my writing wasn’t some piece of crap, that it was good enough. Grew up hearing there’d always be someone better than me that’d get a shot so why even try. Those so called friends/peers and family members didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. The turning point was looking at my kids and realizing I didn’t want them to grow up and be afraid of putting themselves out there. Easiest way for me to teach this to them was for me to face my fears and pursue publishing. It was unimaginably hard to hit send on those first few submissions. And, yes, I got rejections back. Lots of them. But how could I tell my girls to keep trying unless I did myself? So, I kept sending it off. Eventually, someone said yes. It’s just a matter of time.

  6. clownonfire says:

    One time, my baby girl Lord Evil Poppy was crying. She couldn’t be calmed down. We had tried everything, love, soft words, alcohol, you name it. It happened that I also wanted to watch a movie, and her sobbing was just poor timing on her part. So I did watch the movie, and there was not a thing her boohoohoo could do about it. And the movie sucked, but who cares, I watched it.
    Be inspired.
    Le Clown

    • Thank God you watched the movie I was worried for a moment. You always make me laugh and I know how much goes into sharing yourself with others to make that happen– next time pick a better movie.

  7. Sam Martino says:

    You are a great writer, and from what I see, you inspire not only me but many others… keep writing..fame an fortune are within reach!! Now I’m going to take my advice and get back to writing lol…

    My story…

    What I was younger we raised Afgans. There were times when we had twenty four at one time. Occasionally the dogs would get out of the yard, Afgans love to run, they are also stupid, (there is not much room in their small head for a brain) lol.. I would chase them, and they would keep running, so it didn’t take me long to figure out that if I stopped chasing them, they would eventually stop running and come back to me.. it always worked.

    • I love the story and it gave me some fun visuals. I’m tired of running and think I might just lean on the fence for awhile and see what comes to visit. Thanks for your kind words and pointing out how great I am! Now get back to work.

  8. Happy Tuesday:
    Einstein said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing but expecting a different result. Does this sound at all familiar? Let me know. There’s more if this doesn’t resonate.

    • First, Einstein is my man and anything from him makes me listen, so I appreciate you reminding me of that line. Second, I copied it down and stuck it on my computer. Thanks for sharing!

  9. kaleba says:

    This post, and today’s (Siren Sounding), really touched me because they are posts I want to write, but you do it so much better than I ever coud; and you do it fearlessly, which I cannot.

    I wish I had some funny story about me bashing myself over the head with a wooden club (a la Caveman style) until I get past the block that is holding me back. The truth is far less stimulating.

    Sometimes it seems like I can sense this big brick wall inside of me, in my brain or psyche or somewhere, and I can see that if I can get around it, over it, under it, through it, I will have the answer I seek, or know what I’m trying to figure out, or will have that breakthrough that will set me on the right path. It seems as if the simple act of acknowledging that big brick wall is all it takes because often, usually within a couple of days, after still sort of rumminating on how I can get past it, I find that I do. (There’s often a big DUH! that goes along with the newly acquired insight.) You know, like the sky clears and the sun shines and all is right with the world and I can move on. Thing is, I can go months (years!) without seeing that wall, treading water, barely able to hold my head up, and clueless as to the problem, yet thoroughy exausted.

    I wish you the best on your journey and have confidence that you’ll figure things out eventually. I wish I could give you all the answers, but I’m afraid I’m as clueless as you seem to think you are. I’ll bet you have more answers than you think you do. In the meantime know that you’re not alone.

    And thanks for these posts. Not only are they entertaining and examples of damn good writing, they help me to know that I’m not the only one that struggles.

  10. The Writer says:

    Fully feeling your pain! Thanks for the story… Mine are too depressing, but a swift kick to the crotch would be exciting.

  11. deaubreydigest says:

    It seems as though we’ve traveled the same circle. There are days I feel as though I’m trying to walk through a glass door the wrong way. I just keep walking forward, but I’m not getting anywhere. I guess I leave a nice faceprint on the glass, though, because I sure seem to like doing it.

    I don’t really have much advice other than sometimes you just have to sit down in the middle of the flow of foot traffic and sing “I feel pretty” horribly off-key while you take a break. Most of the time it annoys everyone around you but, hey, screw those guys anyway. None of them can sing, either.

  12. Crotch Check is a very lethal MOVE…banned in so many COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD. lol. sad, sad, sad. lol

  13. Nae's Nest says:

    I will pass on kicking you in the crotch. How about a poke in the ribs instead. I will save the kick for another time. Thanks for the chuckle.

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