Posted: November 28, 2012 in Darks, Just Life, Process
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There’s a movie where someone says to someone else that if they want to get their edge back they need to go back to the beginning (or something similar). I’ll let you figure out which movie and who says what to whom because it’s not one of my favorites, but the line does spark a few interesting questions.

Does the beginning mean back to the basics, back to training, craft and grueling practice?

Or does it mean the discipline of hunting down our sinister thoughts in the night and scrawling indecipherable fascinations across the flesh of our own hands? Going back to the roughness of creativity and the domination of words until our minds become submissive, supine with only the body of a drained pen at our fingertips; pages overflowing and laden on our chest like an unconscious lover, rising and falling with our every breath.

Was that the Big Bang?

If you need your edge back then what does your beginning look like?

  1. I don’t think of a beginning as where things started, I focus on where things changed. Going back means starting over and if we could all start over there would be no point in trying our best the first time, there would be no remorse when you inflict pain upon one another, just apathy. . .

  2. Kay Kauffman says:

    pages overflowing and laden on our chest like an unconscious lover, rising and falling with our every breath.
    That was beautiful and beautifully written.

    Also, your menton of going back to the beginning reminded me of The Princess Bride.. I don’t know if that’s the movie you were thinking of or not, but it’s one of my favorites.

  3. johnlmalone says:

    I like this post. I like the idea of getting our edge back. I think you’re right when you say ‘hunting down our most sinister thoughts’ for that’s where all our seismic energy lies

  4. stellamariee says:

    I believe in the big bang. I’m quite interested in astronomy so actually the scienftfic explenation for when it all started is that the universe was at the big bang smaller than an atom. As it exploded it created space and time where it spread. Its unpossible to imagine but thats what the scinetists found it. I think it sounds soo unbelievable but also fascinating 🙂
    ps: Like your post!!!

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