Posted: July 7, 2013 in Just Life
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Jesus 2

It’s Sunday so let the judgment begin!

Take a look at this picture from my Search Engine Terms located on my stats page.

Blog Stat 2

Imagine yourself sipping a cup of coffee, going about your private cyber surfing while everyone is asleep: “pictures of April fools day cereal,” and discovering my blog.

It must feel like divine intervention, right?

Seriously, if you are looking for information about hot hairy legs, sexy holes, chlorine dioxide tablets, or caskets with people in them, then fate has brought us together.

You can’t girl fight your way out of this chosen path. You simply belong here with me.

Following my blog will teach you things like how to escape from Roseanne Barr and educate you about Stupid Bowls. [Yes, those links take you to more awesome posts from my blog]

Now I will admit, I’ve been tempted by a few search engine terms myself and had to look them up:

  1. драка девушек is Russian for fight girls (no surprises there).
  2. is a blog about a guy named Josh living in Austin. He’s funny and has some interesting perspective on JC Penny. Click the link to check him out since I owe him for sending me some search stragglers
  3. Spoiler Alert! I know you might have already typed in, but if you haven’t, it only leads to a national consumer survey. Total suck, but then again maybe that was an act of divine intervention meant for me only.

Bunch of heathens.



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