Posted: September 30, 2013 in Darks
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At the corner store, one day a week they sell Homegirls Potato Chips and that same day they sell out. Yeah, yeah they’re a quarter, but no one is eating them on their way home like they do the other chips. People with the munchies like to snack, walk and litter.

I finally got up the nerve to buy a bag because I think these chips are part of the corner store front, as I have written about previously. I was nervous and sweating as the store’s muscle on the milk crate watched me pull a bag from the shelf. I threw down a dollar on the counter and the guy says, “No change, you owe me later.” Umm excuse me, now I owe him like a school kid getting a freebie of crack? I don’t think so.

Awkwardly, I slid the dollar back and said, “It’s okay, keep the change.”

Well this must have been perceived as some act of confrontation because the muscle guy stands from his crate as if ready to bend me in half.

I froze and kept my eyes focused on the chips (they teach you this in road rage scenarios). The cashier, clearly the boss of the muscle, gives a nod and then pockets my dollar.

I quickly move to the bulletproof door when a sudden fear grips me and I stop. How come I didn’t get a black bag, they always give me a bag even if it’s only for a single Peanut Chew?

What if my bag of chips is a sign and what if someone else sees me with them and some kind of exchange is supposed to go down. I was unprepared for the full consequences of my actions so I jammed the chips down my pants. Oddly, there is no air in the bag like you would expect.

Now I’m sitting at home staring at my bag of chips and wondering– where will they lead me next?

  1. OOOOOOOH….a mystery slowly unfolding. Tell us more….

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