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Time Capsule

Posted: June 30, 2018 in Just Life

When I first started this blog in 2011 it was because I was afraid of losing my creative light to the darkness. I also thought that if I was afraid then there must be other writers who shared the same fears and maybe I could somehow be inspirational.

I had no plan to be a successful blogger, which is obvious, and I utilized this space to have fun, build momentum, and to keep my sanity (as best a non-writing writer can).

One day I stopped. I finally gave into my darkness and stopped writing. Stopped writing in the sense that I could no longer fight the constant barrage of messaging:

Grow up. [eye roll]

You love writing more than your family.

I don’t get why you waste your time.

You’re not a real writer.

Sure, it’s funny, but what’s the point?

You only wrote seven pages in three hours?

You’re 40, maybe it’s time for a new hobby.

The outer world was now harmonizing with my already powerful inner head talk and I needed to turn off the volume. I’ve been insecure about writing my entire life. I’ve struggle with the craft, I can’t get my thoughts onto the page fast enough, and I sacrifice my needs to help others then use it as an excuse for my own lack of discipline.

When I started this blog, I was married with young children. I lost my job and took on the role of Stay-At-Home-Parent. My neighborhood was on a rapid decline and I rarely slept a full night, as I was constantly worrying about money, my parenting mistakes, and losing the last thread of my dreams.

I would sneak out of bed, sit in the empty bathtub and write my worries away through this blog.

Reading through my old posts has been like opening a time capsule. A blast of hot and cold memories and an eerie reminder that time keeps moving, whether we do or not.

Keep writing…

Five Years Later…

Posted: May 6, 2018 in Just Life


Was it an alien abduction?

A time machine malfunction?

Reality show gone real?

She’s Back!


Some writing inspiration for all my peeps.



Posted: October 19, 2013 in Motivation
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We’re all part of someone’s story.

I wonder how many antagonists have been created in my honor.



Posted: October 11, 2013 in Motivation
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Let’s go create an experience today then procrastinate before writing about our adventure!

Note: Must own a mustache and yellow glasses to participate (void where prohibited).


So what Ray Bradbury reveals in this video is that to be a successful writer you need the following:

  • White shorts
  • An inflatable dinosaur
  • Four cans of Coors
  • A personal metaphor

Oh, and to WRITE, a lot!


[Note: If I owned the video clip I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog, well maybe I would, who knows, but you get the point.]


Posted: October 9, 2013 in Just Life
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CreepyAntoine was right, hide yo kids!

So creepy!

Stop looking at me Ewok!


[Note: I don’t know where I found this GIF and it can never be returned for it is forever filed under Nightmares.]


Posted: October 9, 2013 in Motivation
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I just stumbled upon this awesome video after visiting Ellar Cooper’s blog.

We all need this in our toolbox, so take the two minutes and watch.



My blog is my safe place where I like to play around and be all the things I can’t always be in everyday life. Here I get to meet people I would never have a chance to otherwise and learn of a world far greater than myself.

It amazes me how different our lives are, but how immersed in each other we can become. One idea, one phrase, one stroke of brilliance, or passion can spark an obsession that creates a truth far greater than the abstracts of happiness. Sometimes the ability to take a glimpse into the lives of other writers makes everything seem calm in a world that spins faster than a kid on a Merry-Go-Round. Our fingers refuse to let go of the rungs (or even our pens for that matter), but our minds and hearts soar into chaos so that each day we have something new to live for and write.

I believe it’s impossible to fall out of love with writing even when the momentum of it feels sluggish or nonexistent.

Last week I joined another blogger, Jonas David, in the Ray Bradbury challenge: A story a week for one year. Today he posted that he had completed his first story and I am proud to report that I have done the same.

So you see when I disappear it’s not because I gave up on blogging or don’t care about my followers, I’m just silly in love.

What’s your love story?


[Note about video: Wish it were mine.]


So I know you’re anxiously awaiting the follow-up to my Homegirls Potato Chips post, but first I needed to do some light housekeeping on my blog.

For example, I updated my About Me page and added a couple of new ones this week.

The Janet Reid page will be home for the writing contest entries I submit to her blog, which I recommend you visit by clicking the link provided.

I then created the S.E.T. page in order to replace my Search Engine Sabbath posts.

I won’t lie, I can’t keep up with the bizarre entries and they’re better off in one place where the humor can stay intact. Trust me!

Now go browse around.

[Note: Pic is not my own– though I would love for that guy to clean my house.]