My mom raised me to not take candy from strangers, to not follow puppies down dark alleys and to always check a package for oil stains and loose wiring. I had a weird and often cruel childhood, but the one thing I never sacrificed was my imagination.

Opening your eyes to the world around you can inspire you, but what moves you is the ability to take a little risk. We never know what moments will change our lives, good or bad.

We don’t understand the greater powers of connection, yet we starve ourselves without it because we are hungry with a desire to create, to move, and to be our best.

Now that we are adults, people offer us many different things. My natural response is to be leery like my mother taught me so many years ago, but once in awhile someone holds out something that not even I can resist.

So, this page is designed to showcase the candy I take from strangers. It’s dedicated to the random people or new-found friends, who have reached out to offer me something for whatever greater purpose. In return, may you never stop creating.


Designed by Sergi

Sergi created the above design based on my post It’s Like Sex, Maybe Better. It’s an honor to inspire others and I love it. Thank you, Sergi.


I was struggling one night with a scene in my new book and decided to procrastinate by checking my email like any good writer would. It was there that I found a request from USA Lighthouses wanting to get connected. At first I was leery, and suspicious, did they even read my blog? Do I seem like the lighthouse type? However, after reviewing the site I began to dream about what it would be like to tour all the different lighthouses and for that moment of relaxation and inspiration I realized I had been handed a gift. Someday you’ll see it come full circle, but for now, take a journey here.

  1. I like this page: sort of a virtual scrapbook

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