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There’s a movie where someone says to someone else that if they want to get their edge back they need to go back to the beginning (or something similar). I’ll let you figure out which movie and who says what to whom because it’s not one of my favorites, but the line does spark a few interesting questions.

Does the beginning mean back to the basics, back to training, craft and grueling practice?

Or does it mean the discipline of hunting down our sinister thoughts in the night and scrawling indecipherable fascinations across the flesh of our own hands? Going back to the roughness of creativity and the domination of words until our minds become submissive, supine with only the body of a drained pen at our fingertips; pages overflowing and laden on our chest like an unconscious lover, rising and falling with our every breath.

Was that the Big Bang?

If you need your edge back then what does your beginning look like?


Posted: June 27, 2012 in Motivation, Process
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Maybe Angie Harmon can help me?

I’m a little fired up tonight and I’m not completely sure why, but something about feeling that burn makes me need to write. I took a break from writing because I’m so sick and tired of juggling my time between it and them. When I use the term “them” I mean everything and everyone in my life that needs just as much or more attention than myself.

Have an ant problem, stop writing.

Kids are hungry, stop writing.

Someone smashed out your front window, stop writing.

Your sister has a crisis, stop writing.

Have a fight with your partner, stop writing.

Laundry, yard work, dishes, bathing, vacation, birthdays, holidays, exhaustion, eating boxes of chocolate cherries, Rizzoli & Isles, depression, —STOP WRITING!

Seriously, the list is never-ending, so how do people succeed at writing?

Well after taking my break to see what would happen, to see if I could live a simple “them” type of life, I failed. Sure, I’m not as moody and I’m getting a ton of other things done, but I’m not fulfilled or completely happy. Everyone else seems happier around me, but I feel divided, torn, chopped in half and dramatic.

I’m not good at being content and in the now of scrubbing Crayola drawings off the wall. I like to stare out the window and think, go for walks and take pictures of condoms, day dream, feel restless at night, and figure out how I can get more people to read about my bullshit life.

Sure I’m not the best writer, but I’m not the best at anything else either. My life feels like it’s in shambles and I’m trying to swim under a pool of fire.

Unfortunately, I’m that writer who gets moody when I can’t get my words onto a page or chunk of skin. I try hard not to sacrifice my time with loved ones because I don’t want to miss out on moments I can never get back, but when I am away from my words for too long, no one wants me around anyway.

I need “it” and “them” and if I need to learn to breathe fire so I won’t drown then I guess I better get used to the heat.

I think my panties must have caught on fire because I’m completely distracted. The Universe is toying with my burning desires and taking bets on whether I will rage like flames or flow like water.

The problem is I like the heat and I sure as hell don’t mind getting a little wet if it means moving forward.

I don’t know where your mind is at right now, but I’m talking about keeping up with all my writing adventures. I’m to the point where I have to take some things off my list and one of them is not this blog.

I’m falling for you and becoming obsessed with how often you stop by to visit me. I want to tell you all the things you want to hear. Plus, I have a secret…I crave awards!

However, I’ve been more of a taker than a giver and that’s not really my style (though some of you don’t seem to mind).

So, I have created a whole new page where I unveil the first ever Fiercely Yours Love Stamp.

Make sure you check out my new page and always remember — you are the distraction I love.

Writing for me is like a sexual encounter. I love being teased by the words as they travel through my mind and out onto the paper. After all these years the smell of ink can still get me wet and I am not ashamed of this because there is nothing more important than embracing passion. Without writing, I would have died many times. I would love less, be content, and spend too much time stirring Sea Monkeys.

There are moments in our lives when we need to act without over-thinking and open our hearts to the perfection of chaos.  To build a story from a world that only exists from within you is something amazing and pure.

So, grip your Bic and work it until your spent.

If you’re a writer and/or perhaps a Nymphomaniac then you understand what this means and why stopping only makes you insane.

Lick your fingers, turn the page, and satisfy yourself.

I feel sorry for hurricane Irene. She had all this momentum building, reached category four status and then dropped down to a one. What happened? Now the news people are saying she is not organized, how rude. She had the potential to be a great hurricane, but now she’s just a tropical storm.

Momentum, like Mother Nature, is something we cannot master. I often complain that every time I get a good stride that something somehow manages to slow my speed. I thought that if I could build enough speed my spark would turn into more sparks and eventually I would ignite into a great wild fire.

Perhaps, it’s time I stop trying to ignite the wet logs around me and become more fluid myself. When I lived in the Midwest, I was more likely to experience a forest fire than a flash flood. Now I’m learning more than I ever wanted to know about big waves.

Instead of trying to master momentum, I think it’s time to focus on discipline. If you have been following this blog you also know this is an area of weakness for me and something I have attempted, but with no clear focus.

Having discipline is what prepares us for opportunity. If we are not prepared, we risk drowning. I get this because I don’t know how to swim and find myself trying to do the things around me that don’t involve swimming. I make decisions based on my fears instead of learning how to do the things that will give me the opportunities to become more successful at living.

As for Irene, thanks for getting me wet.

[Dang, you dirty minds]


Posted: July 12, 2011 in Motivation, Process

I submitted a short story to a few publications this month and I’m now officially in the waiting phase, which sucks.

Every time I get a new email alert I think, “Maybe it’s them.”

When an unknown number pops up on my cell I practice a few hellos in search of my professional voice, which quickly turns to disappointment when it’s an appointment reminder or the wrong number.

I’m currently following a blogger named Kat Richter (see link below) who writes about her online dating experiences and yes, I realize it is unlike me to be intrigued by the romanticism of others, but her last few posts are something I can completely relate too during this part of my writing phase.

Sending your work to an Agent or submitting an entry for competition is a lot like pursuing a relationship.

First, you create your first impression by writing a query or cover letter. You can’t just write “I’m awesome, please pick me!”

You have to woo them with a catchy hook, maybe some humor, show off some intellect, and intrigue. You need to let them know you’re interested in building something together, but not appear desperate. The last thing you would say is, “I’ve submitted to nine hundred people and now it comes down to you, my only hope.”

Then you wait, pacing back and forth, looking for the mail carrier, checking your emails every hour, and double-checking that your phone has enough charge to last a conversation in case they call.

You dream about the day you meet, will you click at first sight, sign a contract, and write happily ever after.

Within a week, you receive an envelope with your own handwriting across the front and though you know its just confirmation that they got your submission, you hope it is so much more.

After a few weeks have gone by your thoughts start spiraling deeper into a world of negativity and binge eating. Why haven’t I heard anything? They said they would get back to me in one to eight weeks. It has been seven weeks, do they really need one more, what if they misplaced my submission, and should I send it again, maybe call?

I have decided there’s only one way to stop my racing mind and solve this problem. Keep sending more work out until I cannot remember who was supposed to get back to me by when. I just hope they respect me in the morning.

For more about Kat’s blog check out:


Posted: March 6, 2011 in Motivation, Process

February is gone and as you have noticed, I did not take much time to maintain my blog.

My goal is not to be a daily blogger, but rather to share things when the timing is appropriate. The focus of the year is to create the movement I need to accomplish my writing goals. If you remember, I’m finding my inner spark and figuring out how to set the world on fire.

Here are a few accomplishments:

1. I attended my monthly writer’s group where we discussed the topic of Agents. It was a very insightful meeting and I gained some valuable resources regarding my own Agent search.

2. My novel received a full critique, which proved most beneficial regarding areas of improvement and inspiration for new content. Taking a break from your work while others are reading it is a necessity because you’ll come back to your story with far more clarity.

3. A new writers group started in February and I attended the first session. This group is completely different from my other one and I made some good connections. I felt grounded and more in tune with my poet side.

4. I read four books related to fiction writing and analyzed voice usage in comparison to my own.

5. Completed five new queries and sent them to five different agents.

6. Wrote a children’s story.

IN ADDITION, here’s the kickoff to March since we are already into the first week:

1. Registered for the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference.

2. Submitted an entry to a contest where the prize is the registration fee for a New York conference.

3. Signed up to attend a writing workshop for people who have completed a novel.

4. Attended the monthly writers group and received feedback on a chapter from my novel.

5. Currently working on a piece about redemption.

The point of listing our goals is not to flaunt ones efforts. The purpose is to display the work we have accomplished and show the momentum that builds from doing one thing to the next. It also serves as a tool to keep us distracted from our own cruelties and paves the way for others seeking a brighter path.


Posted: February 11, 2011 in Process

A writer has many voices and sometimes I find it hard to listen to the right one. My instinct is often over powered by either self-doubt or the ego. It’s a challenge to navigate through the tension of all three and can be quite exhausting. On days when I can no longer listen to the arguing within myself, I lie in the middle of the floor and close my eyes tight.

I imagine myself stranded in the middle of the ocean with nothing but the current to move me. As I float, I have no idea where I am heading or any idea if I have even moved in any direction. I allow myself to burn in the sun, drown by hurricane rains, and be torn apart by sharks.

This is how I quiet the negative distractions.

When I survive, my instinct is the only one left screaming and I find the strength to stand once more.


Posted: January 31, 2011 in Motivation, Process

At the end of every month it’s important to self-reflect on what you have accomplished, evaluate any goals that need reworking, and create new monthly goals if you haven’t already. We started out together trying to find that spark and keep it lit by creating some motion in our lives. Now, it’s time for a check-in.

This month was more of a challenge than I expected due to snowstorms, school closings, and schedule conflicts. However, I am pleased with the outcome and look forward to pushing right along into next month.

One goal of mine for the month was to clear out my basement, which you may remember from my post titled “Space” on January 5th.  Normally, I consider myself a minimalist, but with the arrival of a new baby and the holidays, the basement became the “I don’t know what to do with this” landfill.

I have updated my original post with a before photo, though it is most embarrassing, and added the after here. There is still some work to be done, but in comparison, I feel this goal can be checked off my list.


AFTER: See "SPACE" for the BEFORE photo

My Desk

Another large project of mine for the month was organizing/creating a filing structure for my writing. I have been so focused on my novel that I didn’t realize how many drafts, notes, poetry, stories and other scraps of work were piling up. Everything now has a file folder/box of its own and a designated flash drive for backup. Organizing this area of my life has been most cleansing and given me a better focus.

Once all the clutter in your life is cleared and organized, you won’t feel as overwhelmed. Your ideas won’t have to stay buried in your mind or on the bottom of some pile waiting to be rescued.  In addition, you take away your biggest excuse for not moving forward.

So, looking back, what did you accomplish? What are you prepared to do in February and is your spark still strong enough to reach that year-end goal?

If you don’t feel good about the month of January then now is your chance to re-ignite. Do something today that will kick start you into tomorrow.

Be fierce…