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My blog is my safe place where I like to play around and be all the things I can’t always be in everyday life. Here I get to meet people I would never have a chance to otherwise and learn of a world far greater than myself.

It amazes me how different our lives are, but how immersed in each other we can become. One idea, one phrase, one stroke of brilliance, or passion can spark an obsession that creates a truth far greater than the abstracts of happiness. Sometimes the ability to take a glimpse into the lives of other writers makes everything seem calm in a world that spins faster than a kid on a Merry-Go-Round. Our fingers refuse to let go of the rungs (or even our pens for that matter), but our minds and hearts soar into chaos so that each day we have something new to live for and write.

I believe it’s impossible to fall out of love with writing even when the momentum of it feels sluggish or nonexistent.

Last week I joined another blogger, Jonas David, in the Ray Bradbury challenge: A story a week for one year. Today he posted that he had completed his first story and I am proud to report that I have done the same.

So you see when I disappear it’s not because I gave up on blogging or don’t care about my followers, I’m just silly in love.

What’s your love story?


[Note about video: Wish it were mine.]


Posted: August 16, 2011 in Just Life
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Writing is no different from being in a relationship. We fall in love and then when it gets difficult we struggle to make sense of our path. There’s a lot of work that goes into our relationship with writing, not every idea works the way we might expect. Sometimes we have to decide what’s worth fighting for and what’s worth letting go and like all great love stories only the best will prevail (crossing fingers).

The best writing though can also come from our worst dates. For me, words and life go together like armpits and deodorant so I decided to enter a contest about that…

AND I won!

Click the link below to read about my worst date and most importantly, what I won for sharing such a pathetic adventure.